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The Retirement Group will work with your company’s benefits administrator in order to help employees transition into retirement. One of the major administrators that we work with is Fidelity Netbenefits. The Retirement Group is not affiliated with nor is endorsed by Fidelity or Netbenefits but have become specialists in navigating the Netbenefits site and will gladly assist our clients in accessing their 401k information.

Fidelity Netbenefits login ( is an easy-to-use online site that helps Fidelity investment members view and manage their 401(k) retirement accounts.  Companies such as Verizon, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, and Texas Instruments administer their employer 401k plans through Fidelity. Many companies such as GSK or TI also offer banking services through their own Credit Unions like GlaxoSmithKline Credit Union and Texas Instruments Credit Union. NetBenefits allows an employee to view and manage all aspects of their 401(k) plan from the comfort of their own computer.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about NetBenefits help include:

  • How do I change my username and password?
  • Will the username and password I’ve established on other Fidelity sites work on
  • How do I use my username with Fidelity’s telephone services?
  • How does “Remember me” work?
  • What if I no longer want my username saved?
  • My username was saved, but now it isn’t in the list of saved usernames. Why not?
  • What if my username and the username of another user share the same last three characters?

If you come across any of these problems while trying to log on to NetBenefits you can call The Retirement Group at 1(800) 900-5867 and a representative will be able to guide you.

The Netbenefit login website offers many resources to for plan for retirement, such as financial articles, and retirement planning workshops. Useful calculators are also provided to help determine take-home pay, health care expenses and mortgages. They can be found under the Tools & Learning link under the Savings & Retirement tab. These are essential factors to consider with the complexity of present-day 401(k) plans.

Net benefits ( is Fidelity’s client level access website to view and manage their retirement accounts. Access to 401(k) information, preferences, and options are available. The site is incredibly user-friendly. The NetBenefits Fidelity site has 2 key sections, Home and Savings & Retirement. The Home tab provides balances and portfolio totals. TheSavings & Retirement tab gives additional account details and access to third-party research tools to assist in making informed investment decisions.

Graphs, videos and simple layouts make the site easy to read and follow. Rates of return, performance summaries, and online statements can all be checked in a matter of minutes. Investors can easily make adjustments to paycheck deductions and change how future contributions are invested.

Today, millions of people prepare for retirement by contributing to 401(k) plans offered at work. On the surface, it seems simple enough. As a defined-benefit retirement plan, employees set aside part of their income that is then invested to build savings for the future. However, beyond that basic premise, 401(k) plan facts can differ greatly from company to company. This makes it essential for employees to evaluate the plan and its options to make sure it is customized to fit individual needs.

Netbenefits offers helpful resources to guide and prepare you for retirement and/or any other important goals you may have. Netbenefits makes it very easy to view and take action of your accounts. Graphs, videos, and simple layouts make your investments easy to read and follow. Users can view balances, current investment options, and payment history under Account Management. You can also perform transactions, elect mailing preferences, check fund performance, update current investment options, retrieve fund quotes, chart portfolios, and make changes to contribution elections.

Because 401(k) plans can vary significantly from company to company, it is fundamental for people to evaluate their benefit plan and its options to make sure it is personalized to fit every individual’s needs. To learn more about Fidelity and NetBenefits you can call The Retirement Group at 1(800) 900-5867 and a specialist will be ready to help you.

Investors can take advantage of several planning resources on the site. Links to articles and workshops relating to financial management enable investors to explore and do their own research activities to further prepare for retirement. A handy calculator is also made available to help users estimate their net pay along with expenses, payments, etc.

Netbenefits Apps:

NetBenefits By Fidelity Investments:

For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

For Android Apps on Google Play

Description: The NetBenefits® smartphone app gives you the ability to access your Fidelity workplace accounts — including retirement, stock, and pension plans, plus the health benefits you’re enrolled in — right on your Android™ phone.

Keep your financial goals on track by monitoring your retirement plan balances and investments, your plan’s account performance, and more.Stock PlansMonitor your stock plan account information and exercise employee stock options.Pension PlansAccess important information about your pension plans, including plan balances, if available.Health & InsuranceGet a complete view of the medical, dental, and vision health and insurance plans you are enrolled in. Review detailed health benefits information, including in- and out-of-network costs, coverage information, and provider contacts.Other AccountsReview other Fidelity accounts, like 529 College Savings Plan accounts or brokerage accounts, to see how they contribute to your overall financial strategy.Additional InformationAvailable for phones running Android 2.2 or later.The NetBenefits® smartphone app is available to individuals who have one or more employer-sponsored workplace benefits provided by Fidelity Investments. Please note that the app is currently not available for use with Fidelity-serviced HR/Payroll plans.Employer-sponsored account functionality includes transactions for employee stock plans; for all other accounts, functionality is limited to viewing account balances, history, positions, year-to-date performance, and benefits information.

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